Portland Artists

Portland is home to some very talented artists working with wood, glass, and metal. There are many different styles and techniques used in the pipe making industry, generating a wide variety of beautiful glass, wood, and metal pieces to fill smoke shops around Portland, Oregon and all over the world. Some artists will also take custom orders if you have something specific in mind.

Quality Glass

Glass is the perfect material for pipes. Not only is it incredibly malleable and easy to sculpt, allowing the artist to create any unique shape, it's also light weight, withstands very hot temperatures, and will not give off any chemicals or flavors during use. Borosilicate glass is the most widely used glass for pipe making because of it's strength and clear opacity.

Portland Events

There are many smoke shops in Portland, Oregon, some regularly hold events to give away products, promote their shop and artists, and entertain customers. Green Light District in Tigard is one of the most active smoke shops, hosting an event every few months. Watch for their next event, which will most likely include awesome prizes and a special guest glassblower.